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Regional Climate Centers Southeast Regional Climate Center Southeast Regional Climate Center Midwestern Regional Climate Center Southern Regional Climate Center High Plains Reginal Climate Center Western Regional Climate Center Western Regional Climate Center

There are 6 Regional Climate Centers offering climate services in the U.S. Click on the map to go directly to the center serving your area.

State and Federal Agencies use ACIS to Enhance their operations

  • NWS: NOWData, xmACIS
  • NRCS: Custom interface and products
  • USDA/JAWF: Data for mapping
  • University of Washington: Uses ACIS data for near real-time soil moisture model
  • State Climatologists: Web pages in the following states use ACIS data - LA, MS, OK, DE, PA, CA, NV, IL


ACIS is a fully functional system with a flexible design. ACIS will evolve to incorporate additional data sources, generate new and improved data products, take advantage of emerging technologies, and respond to the needs of its users.